Types and Capabilities Of A Pressure Washer

All pressure washers available in the market follow the same functionality. The pump is powered by an electric motor or gasoline engine that drives water through the hose at a high pressure. This method offers better cleaning than a standard garden hose. It can be used to efficiently clean a plethora of outdoor things. In this buying guide we will tell you about the different types of pressure washer:

The electric-powered versions are suitable for light cleaning jobs. It can be sued for cleaning the patio furniture or washing the car. They do not make noise and are much when compared to the gas models.

Electric Pressure Washer

These are the widely used electric pressure washers and they typically come with a built-in cord that can be plugged in directly to an outlet. Most of the models do not need an extension cord. You must consider this aspect when deciding which part of the house you wish to clean and look for an electric source there. You must carefully follow the instructions laid down by the manufacturer for safely connecting the machine to an electric source. 

Gas pressure washer:

These types of pressure washers are more suitable for the powerful and extensive cleaning jobs such as cleaning the patios, decks, staircase, etc. As you don’t need to connect it to an electric source, you get better mobility. Most of the gas pressure washer comes with a manual pull-start mechanism; however there are some that come with an electric starter. To make the gas pressure washer models work, you need to use the right kind of fuel and closely follow the manufacturer’s instructions and requirements

What are the various capabilities of a pressure washer?

The pounds per square inch (PSI) indicate the pressure output and it is an important factor that determines the capabilities of a pressure washer:

The light-duty pressure washers (rated lower than PSI) are suitable for cleaning patio furniture, cars, trucks and boats. They can also be used to clean the patios, fences, decks, sidewalks and driveways.

The Medium-duty pressure washers (2000 to 2800 PSI) are capable of handling various types of cleaning projects. They are suitable for patios, decks, fences and siding.

The heavy duty pressure washers fall within the range 2900 to 3300 PSI. They are suitable for a variety of cleaning jobs that include cleaning the driveways, sidewalks, second-story cleaning and so on. They can also help cleaning the surface to make it ready for paint.

Tools and accessories used:

When using a pressure washers to clean you can use some of the tools and accessories to get better results. You can use the brushes to apply scrub power to clean the surface, the extension wands can clean home exterior and surface cleaners can be used to clean the driveways and sidewalks. You can also use the special pressure washer chemicals approved by the manufacturers to clean better.

We hope the above information helps you understand the different types of pressure washers available in the market and their specific capabilities. you can check the detail reviews of pressure washer on best10productreviews.