Kitchen faucet buying guide 2019

A kitchen faucet is something without which a kitchen is incomplete. The use of kitchen faucets can be traced to several years, however, the demand has risen up since those days. With the demand much higher and the number of models available on the market too high, here is a buying guide that would help you shortlist and select the best kitchen faucet available on the market today.

  1. Number of holes available on the sink

Kitchen faucets should be selected very carefully as it needs to be simple and should come in a design that does not mess up your kitchen neatness. We have seen people who ended up purchasing a faucet without checking the number of holes available on the sink and then, the user had to bore a hole into the sink and after the installation, the entire setup looked annoying. This is why we recommend, purchase any one of the product first, the sink or the faucet. Then based on the holes required for the faucet or holes available on the sink, purchase the other accordingly.

  1. Size

Size of a kitchen faucet refers to the overall height of the faucet, the spout reach, and the spout reach as each of these dimensions is very important to a majority of the customers out there. Most people often confuse overall height with spout height; if you are a person who needs to clean or use cookware or utensil that is tall then you will have to consider a kitchen faucet with higher spout height. Now, as important the height is, you should also consider spout reach of the faucet. If the spout reach is large then the sink size should also increase accordingly.

  1. Construction

Kitchen faucets could come made of different material, it could be brass, stainless steel, plastic, or zinc alloy. Each type of material has different durability and properties; however, based on our expertise we would recommend that you purchase a kitchen faucet made of stainless steel as it is durable, comparatively cheap, stain resistant, and rust resistant at the same time. Now, there is one more thing that you should remember if you are looking for the most durable kitchen faucet, and then brass faucet is what you should be looking for, but remember brass faucet is expensive.

  1. Extra features

Kitchen faucets come in two different types,

  1. Pull out kitchen faucet – Comes in a design that allows the user to pull out the head from the faucet and take it around the sink with ease.
  2. Pull down kitchen faucet – Comes in a design that makes the entire product taller, has an excellent overall look.
  3. Finishes

Kitchen faucets could come in several finishes, most common finishes are

  1. Matte
  2. Chrome
  3. Bronze
  4. Etc.

It is totally up to the user on which finish to select, we recommend that if you cannot end up in selecting an appropriate selection of finish, then purchase a sink first and then select the faucet finish based on the sink finish.

Based on the factors mentioned in the buying guide, you can pick the best kitchen faucet with ease.