iOS 12 Wishlists to Expect for this Year in One Page

One of the most highly envisioned operating system is undoubtedly the iOS 12 from Apple, the Cupertino tech giant, which has offered some great OS version over the last few years. And as per the reports and rumors so far, the next Apple OS will power more than about 55 percent of all existing Apple devices which exist now in the tech industry and more devices will be added up in the near future. Here are some iOS 12 wishlist yet to be included on the next generation Apple operating system. Bringing it close to you, we have mentioned only a few and best of them right below in a pointwise manner.

iOS 12 wishlists: What to Expect?

Wishlists, be the definition, is hardly something official. So when we talk about wishlists, we expect our readers to regard them with a grain of salt. We can only take some cues and hints from the launches which have been held in previous years. So here we go!

  • iOS 12 is expected to come with a system-wide autofill system. This has its own set of abilities that have been overlooked by the Apple developers and will (just hopefully) be taken into the account as the 64-bit apps gradually are discontinued. Taking things into consideration, iOS 11 was the first and foremost OS to put the 32-bit apps to a close and only have focused on more stringent versions of apps.
  • Onboard there will be a support for the Micro-LED display technology with the Quantum Dot Technology embedded which will a better and more intense color spectrum. It will also be using a considerably lesser battery usage than what we have seen previously. Quantum Dot technology-based patent has been obtained by Apple through World Intellectual Property Organizations (the WIPO) recently. Apple is expected to be on the cutting edge of the technology.
  • An improvised Siri is always welcomed. Over the past few years Siri has been wonderful, but often it doesn’t understand other religion languages. After what iOS 11 has come with, Siri has become more prominent with male and female distinguished voices. So we expect a further improved Siri with the iOS 12 wishlist, for an advanced Siri can switch comfortably. With further improvisations, it will rather be a smart assistant.

Wrap up

We hope that our guide to iOS 12 wishlists was efficient enough to give you a fair idea of what to expect from the next generation Apple operating system. Have your own iOS 12 wishlist feature? Include them in the comments section and upon then you will see an updated guide. For more news and rumors concerning the next Apple OS, stay tuned to us like you always did. So are you ready to iOS 13 download after beta release.