Vikings Season 5 Speculations: More Central Characters Might Breathe Their Last

The fourth entry of Vikings was all about bloodshed, and the death of Ragnar left several fans in dismay. Viewers also witnessed the demise of other central characters such as Aslaug, Helga, and Sigurd in the previously aired entry and now it seems that even the upcoming installment will depict the death of some more key characters. The new entry of the well-received series is certainly awaited by viewers as Vikings Season 5 speculations are at rife.

Vikings Season 5 Speculations: The Characters Who are Expected to Die

Several people are predicting to witness the demise of some of the most pivotal characters in the next installment of the historical drama series. But the recent speculations of Vikings Season 5 say that Lagertha has high chances of dying in the new entry. We already know that she killed Aslaug in the previously telecast season due to which Ivar went through a tough time. Ivar was extremely close to Aslaug, and her death did affect him to a great extent. Therefore, there could be a possibility of him killing Lagertha this time. We cannot really be sure of it at this point of time as it is just a speculation, so we should definitely wait until the broadcast of the fifth entry.

Viking Season 5 rumors also say that the eldest son of Lagertha and Ragnar, Bjorn could also breathe his last in the forthcoming entry. Reports have highlighted that the character will go to Mediterranean for raiding in the new season and his death will take place there itself. Bjorn is definitely going to grab the limelight in the upcoming season, but it will be extremely disappointing for his fans if they get to witness his demise.

speculations of Vikings Season 5
Vikings Season 5 speculations

Vikings and bloodshed go hand in hand due to which watching some of the pivotal characters’ demise in the fifth entry will not turn out to be that shocking. But it will surely leave some of the viewers with a dispirited heart. Many fans still cannot take the fact that Ragnar has died and they will be equally disheartened if Lagertha or Bjorn end up breathing their last.

Wrap Up

Vikings Season 5 speculations have made fans extremely thrilled due to which they are anxiously waiting for the new entry to come into the picture soon. The installment has every possibility of airing in November this year, and people are envisioning it to become the most intriguing installment in the series.