MovieBox Free Download For PC: The Complete Guide

In case you are having a pretty hard time deciding which infotainment cum entertainment app is the best for you and your Windows PC, we have news for you. When in doubt, always use the MovieBox free download to let you access all the great features which any comparable app provides. In fact, this app is richer in many respects than many such apps. We will list all the great features below and will demonstrate one easy way to use it on your Windows PC.

MovieBox Free Download: The Features Of The App

While the list of features is a very rich one, we shall discuss here all the best features which are guaranteed to blow your minds. In case you missed it, this app has some of the fastest streaming services of all the apps which are found in the vast expanses of the Internet. Note that although it is capable of boasting of such speeds, it is a totally free app. It also provides almost all the features that comparable paid apps have.

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You can also select your customized quality of the video which you have chosen for the day. If you are looking to use the app on a mobile device, you might do so with a resolution of 480p. In case you are using a bigger device, you should use a better resolution like 1080p.  Such a resolution will not break up into individual pixels and will have a more wholesome effect.

Lastly, we must mention the fact that MovieBox is a one-of-a-kind app as far as user friendliness is concerned. The user interface is simplicity itself.

MovieBox for PC
Download MovieBox for PC

MovieBox Free Download for Windows PC: Method

It must be kept in mind that the MovieBox app is an Android-exclusive app. How then, you ask, do we use the app on the Windows PC? Simple: we use a pretty nifty piece of software called an Android emulator which fools the device into believing that it is actually an Android OS and not a Windows OS. For the sake of simplicity, we have perused the Remix OS emulator.

  • Download and then install the Remix OS emulator. Grant it all the necessary permissions.
  • Now, download the MovieBox Apk file from a third party website.
  • Launch the Remix OS and open the home screen
  • Drag and drop the Apk file into the home screen
  • Reboot the device and you are good to go.


We hope that you will appreciate the many great virtues which the MovieBox free download has. It not only does everything by itself but will also update itself regularly like clockwork. Watch out for more such great and handy guides right here.