LG V30 Update: Outline Leaks Confirms no Sliding Secondary Display

LG V30 release news is hovering the tech market for a long time now. After the tremendous success of V20, the latest V series flagship is just paved the perfect path for the V30. This is going to be another sensation like the previous release, confirms the insiders.  Interestingly the release date has been fixed on August 31st, just a day before the IFA consumer electronics trade show in Berlin. But we still have no clue about the feature as LG V30 update news has no information about it. but interestingly it is the reason that the coming phone and is actually heightening the interest about it.

Multiple predictions are coming and going for all the right reasons, but most important of them is to switch to the OLED displays from LCD, and LG reportedly thought of adding a sliding secondary display which will be different than any other flagship. The one major difference between the past two V-series models and this upcoming one is that it was thought to appear with a “second screen” for the V30 which possibility has been ditched by the previous models. But it seems, just like the previous leaks of the flagship phones proved to be just a rumor; V30 too broke our heart with the latest news of a single display.

Updates of LG V30
LG V30 updates

As per the recent LG V30 update, the clearest image yet from OnLeaks reveals a single display of V30. Unfortunately, it is only an outline of the phone from its user manual, and it is almost confirmed, and not a rumor as the release date of LG V30 is heading nearby, and now all the coming news will just be more of the real news regarding the features.

But as per the latest leak from the VentureBeat’s Evan Blass suggest that the coming V30 may not have the sliding secondary display. He cleared that his vision was based on an old concept and it didn’t represent the final product. Now we got to know for sure that the second display isn’t happening.

A dual-camera system and a rear fingerprint sensor, OLED displays are some of the other features that we are known, and now we are scared to fine any of this feature too will be proved to be a false hope or not.

All the confusion will come to an end with the release of this very ambitious project from LG, and with the end of the month, we will eventually get to know what the brand has to offer us with the coming LG V30 update of the latest V series of LG.