A Complete Guide To Freedom App

All the gamers out there in the Android platform must get fed up with their favorite games at one point of time. No matter how hard you try, you cannot get forward after a certain level in the game. For that, you need special coins or powers which in most of the cases you have to buy. There are also many useful apps for Android in which one has to purchase the premium features from the app. To buy from Google Store, one needs to have a Google wallet for which he/she has to have an international credit card. But all the users may not have a Google wallet or International credit card. So here is good news for all the gamers and app users out there on the Android platform.

Here comes Freedom App. This app will allow all the Android users to have access to the premium features of an app for free. That means you get access to all the paid features of any app and you get the required coins or boosts of any games to move forward. Isn’t it amazing?

Freedom app features

Freedom App: Features

Here are some interesting features of Freedom App: –

  • In-App purchases become absolutely free in many apps and games
  • Buy unlimited coins and gems in many Android games without any penny spending from your wallet
  • Unlock any level of the game easily without paying
  • Get Full version of apps at free of cost
  • Supports many apps and games in Android platform

Freedom App: Download & Install

  • First, download the latest version of Freedom Apk
  • After downloading click on the app and install it
  • After installing open the app and it will ask for root/superuser permission-Click on Allow/Grant
  • Now it will show all the installed applications inside the main page of the app
  • Click on the required apps and games and then click on Buy to have free access

Freedom App: Latest Version Info

App Name: – Freedom

Version Name: – 1.6.9k

Last Updated On: – 25th April 2017

Android Requirement: – Android 2.3-7.1.1

App Size: – 1.7 MB

Root Required: – Yes


Freedom App: Permissions Required

  • Internet Access
  • Modify System Settings
  • Get Accounts
  • Read Phone State
  • Write External Storage
  • Reboot Device
  • KPI Background Task
  • Install, Force Stop Packages
  • Read Phone State

Freedom App: Problem after download and its solution

It may happen that after installing Freedom app on your device, the Google Play Store might not open or may show like No Connection. There are few methods to fix it.


Open Freedom App and Click Menu Button and then Stop it. Then go to Google Play Store to clear the data. It should open now.

Method: 2

If the above method does not work, do the following: –

  • Open any file explorer which supports edit system files like root explorer
  • Go to /system/etc.
  • Edit the file present there. Delete everything there and paste “ localhost.”
  • Save the file and come back to Play Store and clear data
  • Reboot the device, and now you can again use the Play Store like before

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Hope the given information regarding Freedom app will help you to understand the app better to take the ultimate advantage of it.