3 Best Bookshelf Speakers of 2017 to Enrich Your Audio Experience!

Surely all of us appreciate good music. So, we also understand that in order to appreciate good music, one must also have great devices. It is with this belief that we have brought you this list of the 3 best bookshelf speakers of 2017, three of the very best gadgets money can buy. We will not only give you the top three names, we will also guide you on certain criteria of buying such speakers in the first place.

3 Best Bookshelf Speakers of 2017: How to Choose Such a Speaker

In order to understand which of the bookshelf speakers are the best, one must also have a certain idea of the criteria for choosing a bookshelf speaker. Such a speaker is different from more conventional speakers. It has a greater audio output. In fact, when looking for the best commercial speakers, from purely the audio fanatic’s point of view, such speakers are great. They also add a certain charm to any room that they grace.

top bookshelf speakers
Best Bookshelf Speakers

Bookshelf speakers also have better drivers for superior sound output. This is important because the smaller the drivers are, the smaller the size of the device is, but the audio output itself may be better. Also, because the speaker can be used in any country of the world, the buyer must also check the wattage and other power parameters before buying them. Many countries have separate power requirements.

3 Best Bookshelf Speakers of 2017: Our Top List

Our top list includes:

  • SVS Ultra Bookshelf Speakers: SVS is a well-known company and this device comes in great color options. The SVS Ultra speakers can also be used as home theater speakers. It offers the SoundMatch Crossover Network as well as UltraSonic Drivers which are useful in case you are using such speakers. Onboard is a 2-way crossover feature which includes air–core inductors, besides premium–grade capacitors, and a heavy–trace printed circuit board.
  • KEF Q100 Bookshelf Loudspeakers: KEF is a young company. Having said that, the KEF Q100 is a great entry. There is a point-source Uni-Q driver array, engineered to deliver three-dimensional sound wave. The great 5.25-inch Uni-Q driver is able to identify and differentiate frequencies between 49Hz and 40kHz, all from a single source.
  • Sonus Faber Chameleon B Bookshelf Speaker: Sonus is a great brand which is capable of belting out great devices. The design is great, as is the sound output. It can also serve as a great device to decorate your room with. This truly is a chameleon. The only disadvantage of this device is the high price tag.

Wrap up

We hope that this list of 3 best bookshelf speakers of 2017 will help you in becoming a better buyer. It will also help you understand the differences between such devices and other, lower-cost devices, which, while they might be appealing, do not exactly produce the same quality.