SnapTube - Free Music Video Player and Downloader

There is a huge world of Android applications these days and you might be surprised to know what various functions you can perform with just a click on your phone. So talking about android apps, SnapTube is one such application which lets you download videos from YouTube application directly on your device (It’s known to be compatible to all android devices). And yeah we should not forget those animated cute videos our little children fall in love with, watching them over and over again. There is no hassle and a very simplified format to choose between the MP3 or MP4 formats or whatsoever about the file size, picture resolution etc… One can choose between the small size of 360 pixels and the high-definition of 1080 pixels. (Alas! Clarity matters)


There are some interesting features to support the application such as “SnapTube’s killer music download” or “SnapTube Ready” that is you can directly download a high quality MP3 music video or can just share it from the YouTube Application and list it in SnapTube’s download. The fun part is you even don’t have to worry about the extra encoding process or plug-in. I mean who doesn’t want an all built in one application feature and SnapTube just serves the purpose right on spot. Save storage with a smaller file and listen to your favorite music video anytime you want.

Merely as any other android application the publisher and developers provide regular updates to give us the best support in our entertainment life. Everything is right under one touch principle; you can pause, play, discover new videos, cancel or resume a download (as per your Data plans or Wi-Fi availability and who doesn’t plans downloads on free internet when possible!!). Also you can delete and manage all you videos just under one tab and a clean design which lets you focus just on the screen for amazing videos. FOCUS how? What about the ads?? Yeah! No more annoying advertisement pop-ups with SnapTube.

Currently the functional application version is 4.6.the updated app provides you many complimentary features to enjoy. Such as:

  1. Enhanced feature of ‘Copy URL’ from Facebook app.
  2. Quick access to SnapTube Playlist in the home screen.
  3. Less ‘failed to query’ problems for some sites.

You need a fully licensed version, not to worry at all. Happy news!! It’s a “free app” and works very well with all android operating systems. But, SnapTube is not registered on Google Play Store, and thus you need to download SnapTube Apk  to successfully install the application on your device.

So how does it work? Search a video with keywords. Easily find the exact video you want. Then connect it to SnapTube and it’s ready to download in the blink of an eye. It’s that trouble-free. When can you get your own SnapTube on your phone? Still thinking how… you know it right! Just visit you app store and look for us and exactly there download the SnapTube application on your device and start living an entertainment filled leisurely life not just for your ears but for your eyes too.

new year celebration party india

New Year is equally popular in India. Many people go outside of country for enjoying in this grand celebration. But there are many places within this country which are extravagant in nature. We always observe New Year with known people at known place. It is really monotonous for everybody. Now is the time when you should experience the magic of different places with bund of unknown people. I suggest some magical spot of India where you can expense your Happy New Year 2017 party with a great joy and fun.

new year celebration party india


The place known for Carnival and parties is none other than Goa. The sea beach is the heaven for parties. Here you could feel the awesome party mood and see all the arrangements. From south to north all beaches will welcome your dirty feet. You will experience a hardcore party atmosphere here. So why wait? Pack your bag and go for Goa!


Bangalore is one of the major cities in India. Here you get open spaces, vigorous green, huge mall, night clubs, pubs and so many things. Bangalore is the magnet for party seekers. The weather is also soothing. You can easily adjust with Bangalore’s party environment. You also can get finest dinner for you.


You may have seen colourful new year images during the festival in Mumbai in the internet, go there and it feels lot better. Mumbai is one large metropolitan city. Here you get all kind of white, black and grey parties. Here options are so many. This city never sleeps. Whole Mumbai celebrate New Year with great enthusiasm and excitement. Whether it is a house party or at beach, you will enjoy every bit of it. You can see the amazing fireworks in the bank of Arabian sea.


Delhi is the place of party freak. From dance to drinks, music to light Delhi has its own importance. Here you get N numbers of clubs, disks and pubs where you get all the party arrangement. It is the capital of our Country after all. You surely get so many New Year theme party in this city. What are you thinking?? Try this year.


The most elite city is Kolkata. Here you feel the utmost zeal when you see the people of all age group equally involving and enjoying the last night party. The most known place for this celebration is Park Street area. You will see the extraordinary lighting of surroundings. The night club is Kolkata is almost packed up for this night so if you want to join a party then book advanced.

How to Join Kik & Why?

It’s been about right time that you may have come across Kik messenger application and the related buzz hovering all over. Yes! Its new, it’s innovative and it is the next generation application. But, even still if you have not figured out which way you falling off with the instant messaging we are here to give you some key information regarding the Kik messenger app. This will help you make up your mind and once you decide, you can go ahead to download KIK for PC.


Join Kik Messenger- here is why?

With respect to all other instant messaging applications, the list down here have some edgy advantages of Kik Messenger app:

  • Kik Messenger enables its users to build their network by having chat to one another on their devices or smart phones as said appropriately without having to expose their contact numbers that is by a particular username. That means Kik Messenger is one of the instant messaging app’s whose curators have proved protecting their users’ privacy is on the priority list.
  • The Kik Messenger app is by far and widely made available on different platforms. Whether it may be windows phone, android devices/ smart phones, Apples’s iPhone as well as iPod and Amazon phones.
  • Contacts synchronization: This option enables you to add up your contacts on the Kik messenger. If you like you can or cannot synch, I mean if you chose to go ahead it will automatically add all your matching contacts on the Kik messenger chat list.
  • Group chats: We are very much familiar with the concept of group chat, but, what makes it interesting in Kik Messenger is that you can chat individually even being part of a group with up to 10 different people.
  • Ever heard about chat enhancements? I mean yes something to enhance the experience of chatting virtually close to reality. (twist of words isn’t this) All I mean is supporting your chats with stickers, emoticons, GIF’s etc and making it a lot more fun.
  • Kik BOTS: It is the newest feature coupled up in an instant messaging app. Under this Kik messenger Bots you will find amazing bot groups to interact with. It’s very interesting for people who are passionate about any particular hobby/craft or be it any other genre news, automobiles, comedy etc. There is definitely one bot for everyone out there.

Join Kik Messenger app- here is how?

Download the Kik app and register for a Kik Messenger account using a username. You can now choose and upload a profile picture. After that you’ll be requested to choose whether you want Kik to synch contacts from your device and connect to other Kik users. That’s merely all. Now, you can start the “Kik” in your life with sending messages or photos to other friends whether individually or in a group chat set-up.

veterans day gift ideas

Veterans Day is federal holiday as we all know this. This day is to show honor our veterans who serve for our country. They are giving their valuable time of their life just to keep safe their nation and it is not a light issue. On respect of this they deserve something special from us. Veterans Day is the appropriate time to pay our honor and respect to them. We should say thanks to our veterans but only “Thank You” is not enough as it is a very small thing compare to their sacrifice. There are so many ways to say thanks or honor veterans people but according to me “Gift” is the most easy and simple kind of way which always touch everyone’s heart readily. Here are some Veterans Day Gift Ideas for your help.

veterans day gift ideas

Campaign Medal Rings

It is a great piece of jewelry. You can easily gift this Campaign Medal Ring to veterans as the ring has a military decoration in it.

Bullet bottle openers

Bullet bottle Openers are very useful gift and it is small in size so that anyone can carry this anywhere. This is made of metal and shaped like .5 caliber bullet.

550 Cord Bracelets

This is an actually a nylon rope made bracelet. This 500 cord bracelet is quite popular among military people. There cord bracelets are found in different colors and patterns.

Custom Cornhole Set

You can gift a Custom Cornhole Boards to a veteran person. It can regulate corn toss play. It is a unique gift no doubt.

Tactical Multicam Koozie

It is 100% an American product. Tactical Multicam Koozie is awesome cover for soda or beer can. It is very useful thing for military person.

Solid Wood Lighter Case

These customized lighter cases are offered in your selection of timber with army rank insignia of your choice laser engraved on one side and also the name, system info, or endearment laser etched on the other side.

Hellfire Hero Legacy Crate

Crafted from a genuine Hellfire Projectile warhead crate, this keepsake is individualized to your specs to personify the tradition of a hero’s solution. With display and memento boxes of all types and dimensions, it was hard for us to select simply one!

Engraved Whiskey Stones

Veterans people lead solid, robust lives … they do not require diluted whiskey. These stones are made out of dices of strong soapstone. They keep their temperature level a lot longer than ice, so they will cool the whiskey or liquor of option and provide a much more chill for a long time.

Eagle Keepsake Box

This is a wonderful way to keep ones precious memory in a box. For this Eagle Keepsake Box is appropriate gift material for veteran people.

Grant a wounded warrior’s wish

Above spoken gift ideas are materialistic. But if you want to give different things to veterans then it is the best idea for that purpose.  Grant a wish of a wounded warrior who is known to you. You generous attempt can bring a smile on a warrior’s face.

Hope you will like above given gift ideas. There are other gift options too. So choose which you want to try. Wish you a very  Happy Veterans Day 2016 friends!

Top 3 Famous Movies on Cats

There is almost no one in the world who does not like to watch a movie. What if I suggest some movies are all about cats? How will you feel?? Don’t think it’s a kidogenic movie. If you watch any of these then you will become fan of these movies. Hope you now understand that cat or cats are the main character of these movies. They talked like human, think like human and as well as they are so much active on others activities like human. It is really amazing isn’t it? Now I think you should know some movies names which are very famous. Here are 3 must watchable cat related movies on National Cat Day.


Garfield: The Movie

This is really a nice movie. People of any age will like this movie. Here the name of the main character is Garfield. He is an orange fat cat lived with his owner named Jon. His favorite pastime is set someone against someone else. Here he loves to tease his aggressive Doberman neighbor named Pinscher. After some time he finds himself in competition with new member of his family, a dog. He always wants to get rid of this new problem but actually when he is successful in his effort he could not happy to see his master morn face. It is really a watchable move no doubt.

Cats & Dogs

It is a family action comedy film of American-Australia. This is a stereotype movie. In the movie you will see a war between two community cats and dogs. Here the villain is a Mr. Tinkles, a white Persian cat. He wants to conquer the world and for this he makes a plan. He wants every man allergic to dogs. Here is a scientist Professor Body who tries to create a serum to stop human allergies to dogs. So Mr. Tinkles wants to get this secret formula for his own purpose. To know the rest of this story you have to watch Cats & Dogs.

The Cat in the Hat

This is an American fantasy comedy movie. The story begins at spotless real estate office. Here the main characters are Conrad, Sally, their mother Joan Walden and Dr. Seuss, a mischievous cat. In this movie Conrad is a rule freak and Sally is a control freak. Conrad always did the mess in his house. When the two kids stuck in the hose on a rainy season and they had nothing to do they visit a unexpected visitor to their doorstep. After that the actual story and mess begins. You have to watch this movie to know rest.

FIFA 2017 System Requirements -- All Important Details

FIFA 17 which is going to release in September 2016 is having more advanced graphics and features. It is now supported by FrostBite Game engine which provides more realistic animations, emotions and player interactions. FIFA 17 had many major overhauls in players, ball control, and set pieces. The graphics and animations are more realistic than the previous editions. With the shift to FrostBite game engine gamers now can interact more in the virtual world like manager’s office, locker room, and team plane.

FIFA 17 comes with more realistic features than ever, and now it also includes story mode called journey. With all the above cutting-edge features FIFA 17 will definitelyrequire more powerful graphics, memory, and processors to play the game without any lag. FIFA 17 is going to release on 27th September 2016 for North America.


FIFA 17 PC System Requirements:

FIFA 17 requires way lot more specs than its predecessor FIFA 16. The minimum RAM needed in FIFA 16 is 4 GB but in the FIFA 17 edition, it had increased to 8 GB which is quite standard for 2016 games. However, the hard drive space had become three folds from FIFA 16 version to almost 50 GB for FIFA 17. On the other hand, CPU and Video card requirements also increased quite a bit, but it is a necessary for the standards of this edition.

Minimum Specifications

OS: Windows 7/8.1/10 – 64-Bit

CPU: Intel Core i3-2100 @ 3.1GHz or AMD Phenom II X4 965 @ 3.4 GHz

Hard Drive Space Required: 50.0 GB


DirectX: 11.0

Minimum Supported Video Cards: NVIDIA GTX 460 or AMD Radeon R7 260

Recommended Specifications

OS: Windows 7/8.1/10 – 64-Bit

CPU: Intel i5-3550K @ 3.40GHz or AMD FX 8150 @ 3.6GHz

Hard Drive Space Required: 50.0 GB


DirectX: 11.0

Minimum Supported Video Cards: NVIDIA GTX 660 or AMD Radeon R9 270

The release date of FIFA 17 is approaching, and all the gamers should be ready with their consoles and PC. Gamers should also totally overhaul their systems and consoles to meet the minimum requirements if not the recommended for a smooth and no lag gameplay. Ever since the launch of GTA 5 most of the games are now not less than 30 GB in Hard disk size and FIFA 17 is no exception to it. FIFA 17 requires a whopping 50 GB hard drive space and users need to finish their ongoing games and uninstall them if your Hard Drive is filled with ever playing games for the latest FIFA 17.

Hoping that the latest Journey mode will bring more excitement to the gamers and all the upgrades to the game.

kik apk free

Kik is a free messaging app developed by a team of students from theUniversity of Waterloo in Canada under their company name Kik Interactive. Kik released in October 2014 and in less than a week it had a user base of 1 Million+ thanks to its popularity on Twitter. From then Kik had grown into one of the best messaging apps and had a user base of 240 million+ users as of 2015.

Kik is available for Android, iOS, and Windows operating systems. The main feature of Kik service is its Anonymity, every messenger app needs your mobile number to register but Kik does not require one even though there is an option to enter. All the details Kik ask you to enter is your Full name and Email ID for verification. Users need to be 13 years minimum to use the service due to its criticism for child exploitation because of its anonymity.

kik apk free

Using Kik one can send Text, audio, video, Gifs, documents, webpages and many other things to other users. Users need the Kik username of the other user to send them any data. Users are provided with a code similar to QR code which can be scanned by other users to send a text to you. There is an option to chat in group chats and send them pictures directly captured from thecamera. Recently Kik had started using Bots to add many other features to the app. Users can add Bots for News, Gifs, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Games and more this is a new feature for amessaging app which kik had adapted quickly.

How to Download and Install Kik Apk:

To install an Apk file in any Android device at first users need to remove restrictions to install apps from third-party sources. How to remove these restrictionsonan Android device? Follow these steps to remove the restrictions in your Android mobile or tablet.

1) Go to settingson your Android device.

2) Find and click on Security or Privacy in Setting.

3) Find Unknown Source and click the toggle to switch it off.

4) Now users can install any app from third-party sources.

Now download the Apk file and using file manager users can find the apk file in their internal or external memory. After finding the apk file click on it and sometimes you may get a notification whether to install anapp from unknown sources, click ok, and that is it now you have installed Kik app in your device.

After installing the app, you need to sing up to use the application it is a very simple process where you need to enter your Full Name, Email and Date of Birth. You can enter your mobile number if you are willing to which not a compulsory. After clicking submit button, users will get a Captcha. Now you can use the Kik messenger app on your android device.

Here Are Some of the Best Google Gravity Tricks and Tips

So, you are getting bored at office wondering what to do? Perhaps, you want to kill some time at home doing some crazy and exciting using the Internet. Well, if you want to give it a shot, then make use of Google search page. Surprised? Well, many of you might not beware that Google page has several tricks up its sleeve.


How many of you have heard about Google gravity. It was a project that was created and developed by mrdoob. Like the name goes, when you make use of it, which is pretty simple, you feel as if the entire Google web page is falling apart. Did you know that you can do many tricks using gravity?

Below are some awesome Google Gravity tricks which you will want to beware of.

Zero gravity Google

Zero gravity Google is an interesting concept because the contents of the entire web page start to overturn and that includes the images and texts. As you type in something in the search engine it starts getting written in the reverse order. When you hit the enter key, the search results come up in reverse order and are all jumbled.

The Zero gravity Google can be tried out on the web page

Google gravity underwater

Google gravity underwater is a beautiful trick which demonstrates a background that consists of underwater sea coming with the many species of fishes. The background is so alive and real you feel as if you are underwater. It gives you a true under the water experience and can be simply experienced at

Google Guitar

Whether you know how to play the guitar, Google gravity guitar allows you to play the guitar on the search engine page. Using the feature, you can play popular rhymes like Happy Birthday, Twinkle Twinkle little star, and Harry Potter. The notes are provided by Google and the need to worry about the tune is not there.

When searching for results, the results appear in an inverted way. If you want to play the guitar, visit

Google Sphere

Google Sphere is another neat little trick of the gravity where you can ensure that the contents of the web page circulate in a sphere shape when you place the mouse in the page. It will be little difficult to search anything on the web page because it keeps spinning around and hard to click on the right link.

They rotate like a sphere. You can use Google Sphere at

Google space

Google space gravity is another interesting trick where the contents of the web page have the ability to float without gravitational pull. It is the same like when you in space. Using a particular keyword, the search results behave the same way. The contents of the web page are upside down and keep themselves in a similar manner.

Google space comes here

These were some of the crazy Google tricks you can try at home or office, without worrying about anything. Since you now know how to perform these tricks, you will want to try them today itself and have fun with your family and colleagues. This is a great way to become popular both at home and in your office.

There has been a lot of news about the iOS going on in the market. Here, in this article let us have a look at all the rumours and all the features that we are expecting to see in the iOS 10.

  1. Improved keyboard navigation

There have been keyboards by both Google and Microsoft for the iPhone, but still it remains a task to use them. Apple is not going to make a keyboard of its own; however, what Apple can do is at least make the keyboard better so that users don’t have to toggle between third party keyboards.

  1. Siri voicemail transcription

Though the iOS 9 did see  a better version of Siri, but there is still a lot that can be done to make it perfect or at least close to perfect. One of the highly expected and anticipated feature is its ability to transcribe voice mails into text and with the advent of iOS 10 we are all hoping that this might be given a thorough consideration.

  1. Apple Pay on the mobile web

Now this is something! We can expect Apple Pay to be accessible on Safari to let customers use their Touch ID while checking out instead of their credit cards with this, Apple Pay would give a severe competition to PayPal, which is as of now one of the best site offering such services.

  1. Instagram support for Live Photos

It has been quite some time since the Live photos came into being; however, Facebook, Goole photos and Tumblr already support these whereas, Instagram on the other hand does not. Instagram is one of the major photo sharing platforms and therefore, Apple might want to wotk around something which allows Live Photos on Instagram.

  1. Control Center customization

This is going to be yet another great one stop destination for all that your phone needs, or needs most of the times to be precise. What Apple should do or is atleast expected to do with the iOS 9 is let the users customize their Control center as per their own convenience and needs. It will allow them to customzie their own control center and allow them to remove those apps which they never use and replace them with more used ones.

  1. Mail app overhaul

Now, one thing that apple has been doing is to give a touch of newness to its already existing native apps. The iOS 9 for example had got us an improved notes app. With iOS 10, what we wish and hope is that the Mail app gets a redesign or at least a refresh because agree to it, it is indeed a little outdated with not integration with calendar, etc.

  1. Split View for iPhone

iPad had got some major changes with the iOS 9, one major of them being the Split view, iPad’s large screen is better suited to this feature, but still, with the likes of iPhone 7 Plus and 6s Plus models, this feature might come quite handy!

And that was about it, about all that we as users wish Apple brings for us with its iOS 10! we are waiting for ios 10 beta, which is release on WWDC.

Ruthless Spain aiming to claim back to back titles

It has been only 4 years since Spain claimed the 2012 Euro Cup and Spain is ready once more to claim their next Euro Cup champion’s title this year. As a matter of fact, the Euro team has been preparing for claiming the Henri Delaunay trophy ever since they took their last trophy home.


This year spectators will see a New Spain. The team’s form is not extravagant, but it is well calculated. They qualified as the first team in Group C and gave up only one goal in all 9 matches. They had 9 victories and had a secure place in the top rung. Throughout the qualifying rounds Spain was defeated just once, by Slovakia. But even then, Spain won the group by 5 points from Slovakia. do not forget to check the full game Spain VS Czech Republic Live Streaming on our site.

In their sojourn to the semi-finals they might face England and/or Portugal. However, given the previous form and performance during the qualifying rounds neither of the teams have sufficient power to stop Spain. Many fans and analytical experts are expecting a rerun of their 2008 champion’s game against Germany. All in all, most football fans are expecting to see a spectacular performance on the greens by Spain this 2016 Euro Cup.

This season, the star player of Spain may be David Silva. He is noted for his signature moves in which he drifts inside form a right-sided start position. He needs to embrace a lot of responsibility if he wishes to take Spain to the finals and claim the 2016 champion’s trophy. He has already bagged five spectacular goals during this qualifying season and we are hoping that he will record his 100th cap during the UEFA Euro cup 2016 live streaming finals. Another important factor is Vincente del Bosque. He has been beside the Spaniards during their 2010 World Cup victory and their 2012 Euro victory. Now he is pushing hard for their third major title of his lifetime. In addition to another feather in the cap, this Euro Cup gives him the perfect opportunity to make up for the World Cup 2014 disappointment.

Spain plays their first match against Czech Republic on the 13th of June and statistics show that winning this should be a walk in the park for the three time Euro Cup champions. Spain is a two-time defending champion this year, and fans expect nothing less than a remarkable and memorable performance from the 2012 Euro Cup Champions.